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Welcome to my blog, where I write about my ongoing quest for spiritual fulfillment and truth. My search has taken me down many different avenues of spirituality and is still a work in progress.  My definition of truth has changed, even from when I first began writing this blog. I find a great sense of peace in the knowledge that I have grown and changed with my findings rather than maintaining the status quo. It is this spirit that enabled me to leave a background of Christian fundamentalism and move forward with my life. I have undertaken liberty by opening my mind and setting my soul free.

My writing runs the full gamut of human emotions. Much of the earlier posts show anger at Christianity and religion in general. Some posts are full of questions and searching as I work through my feelings about religion and spirituality. Since I began writing I came to realize that my beef is with fundamentalism, not religion as a whole. I do not hate religion or Christianity; my feelings toward both are quite complicated, actually. I do, however, despise the many dark, harmful things that have been perpetrated in their names. Religious fundamentalism is a deadly cancer eating at humanity.

Key Posts:
11/21/2011 ~ I’m Free
2/25/2012 ~ Spiritual But Not Religious
4/13/2012 ~ Some Thoughts
5/4/2012 ~ 7 Things You Should Know About Me
3/26/2013 ~ I Used to Believe This Stuff
4/26/2013 ~ Looking Back & Moving Forward
5/26/2013 ~ Ex-Fundies, Identity, & Finding Balance
7/6/2013 ~ A Realization About Spirituality 
2/2/2014 ~ Trying to Get Out of the Mud of IFB
10/3/2014 ~ New Project: Re-Examining Christianity


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