What Should the Christian Life Look Like?

The Good Samaritan

Today I saw an ad for an advent calendar made with fair trade chocolates. It was put out by a Catholic charity. It got me thinking about what Christians lives would look like if they got hardcore about following the words of Jesus.

Christians would:

  1. Only purchase fair trade or other ethically made items.
  2. Be huge proponents of recycling and other choices that keep God’s earth healthy and well maintained.
  3. Only eat/wear organic because it doesn’t harm God’s earth or their bodies (temple of God) the way chemically produced items does.
  4. Only eat humanely, sustainably raised animals (see number 2).
  5. Choose to shop at small, local shops or farms when possible because big companies rarely treat employees ethically (see number 1).
  6. Only drive fuel efficient or hybrid vehicles (see number 2).
  7. Avoid waste and consumerism by living a simple life instead.
  8. Regularly offer food and shelter to homeless and needy people.
  9. Always stop to help people stranded on the side of the road (flat tire, etc.).
  10. Give aid to the sick through your own efforts or provide funding for someone else to help.
  11. Live peaceful lives and avoid aggression whenever possible.
  12. Be more worried about loving each other than about hating our differences.

The movement of Christianity I grew up in fell miserably short in all of these areas. I think they had replaced Christlikeness with Pauline doctrine. Instead of love there was a set of strict rules. Judgment of others rather than seeing needs and meeting them. In their eyes, the only help worth offering was informing people they were bad and going to Hell. Jesus didn’t set that example. Christianity needs more Jesus.


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