Whilst watching the classic Disney version of Robin Hood (with the critters), my husband and I began discussing the conundrum that Robin Hood’s story creates. When I was a fundamentalist I was greatly perplexed by this conundrum. How could I, in good conscience, cheer for a thief? How could Robin Hood be the good guy? My husband pointed out that Robin Hood is chaotic good and Prince John and his cohorts are lawful evil (yes, we be nerds). The alignment grid is a pretty fascinating thing, in my opinion. I’m neutral good and my husband is lawful good. Anyway. My husband had the realization that Jesus could potentially join Robin Hood as chaotic good on the alignment grid. I had never thought of it before, but there are certainly some similarities between Robin Hood and Jesus. That being said, I’m not sure where I’d place Jesus on the grid. If I’m viewing him as a man, then I would consider him neutral good. If I’m viewing him as the literal Son of God, then I’d have to say he’s lawful good because he is the law… if that makes sense. It’s an interesting thing to ponder, eh?

Now I have a strong urge to go through famous Bible characters and place them on the grid. I googled to see if anyone else had made a chart for Bible characters but I didn’t find one. I’m surprised by this. Maybe someday if I get bored….

Where do you think Jesus sits on the grid? What about other Bible characters? Help me have some fun!


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