Life seems to have put a hold on my blogging for now. I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant, just moved, and am trying to settle in whilst chasing after a rambunctious three year old. The three year old is currently having his stuffed animal whisper in my ear as I write.

My plate is full and I doubt that will change anytime soon.

Here are some thoughts that have weighed heavily on my mind lately:
Why do people who claim to be followers of Christ put so little emphasis on his teachings? Why are they so quick to promote and excuse violence while turning a blind eye to the poor and needy? Have fundamentalists confused Christianity with their interpretation of what it means to be an American?
What would Jesus do with the children crossing the American border?
What would Jesus say about the current events in Israel/Gaza?
How do I raise children who are respectful of the religious beliefs of others? How do I explain to a child that the messages Grandma and Grandpa taught him about the Bible are only one way of viewing things, not the way? How do I approach violent Old Testament stories that are commonly taught to children, when the teachers write off everything as being for the glory of the Biblical God?
What are my own personal beliefs and how do I share them with my children? How do I balance giving them freedom to choose their own beliefs while protecting them from religious dogma that seeks to steal their hearts with manipulative messages?

Hopefully I’ll be able to write about some of these topics in the future.


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