Moving On

I haven’t written much lately (obvious, I know). Truth be told, there hasn’t been much to say. People and their religions are still as twisted as ever, but for the moment I am content in knowing I have untwisted those webs enough to escape, so I’m enjoying my freedom.
I’ve continued to read up on all sorts of worldviews, philosophies  religions, etc. and have enjoyed learning from each of them. The more I read the more I realize that nobody/nothing has it “right.” I’ve also learned that there doesn’t have to be a “right” and “wrong” in life. Well, at least not so clear-cut as religious books and set ideologies teach people. Life may be more simple in a world of clearly defined black and white, because it certainly takes out a lot of guesswork and pondering on the part of the individual. Reality, however, lives far more frequently in the nebulous realm of the gray area – somewhere between black and white. I once clung to the illustrations of light and darkness, found it was easier if I could sort the world into black or white. Now I see the world on a sliding scale, with much of reality lying somewhere in the middle… and I’m cool with that.
I still consider myself to be spiritual but not religious. I’m still enormously happy and content with my freedom from religion. I’ve gone through trials and pain, but instead of looking up for help I’ve pulled myself through and come out stronger for it. In short, I’m not looking for a new religion or a new set of rules, and I’m most certainly not going back to Christianity. I’m moving forward in life with no desire to look back.
As the writing bug bites me I’ll be on here writing. There are some old topics I’d like to address further at some point. Until then, tootles.


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