Sacred Panties & Secret Rites: Mormonism

Quite an interesting article. Here is a thought that really stuck out to me:

“I cannot believe I let another grown man ask my wife and I what kind of underwear we were wearing and volunteer the information with a cheery smile. What was even more sick is that I believed in a tyrannical God that cared about what kind of underwear I was wearing.” Mortimer

There are a great many things about the Mormon church that are downright creepy, but sacred underwear takes the cake for being both hilarious and creepy.

Now, just think – America could have a president who wears sacred underwear in the White House! Mitt Romney in sacred underwear…. *shudder* Not sure someone who buys into creepy things like sacred underwear and secret temple rites is the best choice to be leading America.

Plan to discuss Mormonism in more depth in the future.


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