A Link and Some Thoughts

For those who repeatedly claim that we weren’t true Christians, please read this article.

I was certainly a very active member of Christianity – one who prayed, read my Bible, served at church, and sought to be godly above all else. Nobody questioned my faith or sincerity. No-one. It was very, very real. The points made in that article, particularly on this topic, were excellent. The author also points out that many who preach against people who are different (atheists, homosexuals, etc.) don’t really know those people. They know the concept, and they know why it’s “sinful,” but they have little to no personal experience with those people. For a complacent congregation who also has little to no dealings with the “enemy,” the leader’s words sound just and righteous, and so the cycle of ignorance continues.
All throughout history, those who blindly followed what they’re told were the ones who were led astray into atrocities. Those who asked questions and sought the truth saved themselves and others from the mistakes of ignorance and complacency. Had the Germans questioned Hitler’s propaganda and chosen to think freely instead of believing the lies, a lot of people (namely Jews) wouldn’t have died such horrific deaths. Had many Catholics chosen to ask questions instead of blindly follow those in authority over them (the Pope), then countless thousands of people would not have died during events such as the Inquisition. The Crusades, the Salem witch trials… just how many people have been killed or hurt by the ignorant followers of impassioned zealots? Such crazy men as Hitler would not have gotten so far without the support and blind belief of other people.
Don’t believe everything that you’re told, even if it has been culturally accepted for thousands of years. Never stop asking questions. Finding the truth may not be comfortable, and implementing it into your life is certainly uncomfortable, but it is well worth it.


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