Ask a Gay Christian

That was rather impressive – comments and all. I’m not sure the Bible can be used to justify homosexuality, but I’m very happy that there are LGBT Christians who have found love and peace in both their religion and sexuality. No-one should ever be forced into a life of celibacy, or taught that they are evil and damned for something as ingrained as sexuality. If they say it wasn’t a choice… why don’t we believe them? 

This part in particular really stood out to me: 
Have you ever seen a dog that’s been abused its whole life? They run and cower in the corner if you even try to approach them to pet them. A lot of us feel like that when dealing with conservative Christians, frankly.”
How many people, gay or straight, have felt the same way….

Conservative Christians can be nice people, but they can also be terrible, bigoted bullies to all who are not “perfect.” I witnessed it growing up. I witnessed it at college. I witness it still today. I’ve witnessed it applying to me, when I “came out” that I was no longer Christian. I’ve witnessed it happen to friends who “came out” and received harsh retribution. 

Is this love? Is this what your Christ would want? I think not.


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