Learning Along the Way

This blog chronicles a journey of spiritual discovery and personal awakening. I spend most of my words writing about Christianity and the Bible’s fallacies, so perhaps to the outsider this blog seems negative in spirit. I see this blog as a very positive thing, though, because it is proof that we came, we learned, and we changed. Too many people are afraid of learning something new, because then they might need to change – horror of horrors! 

Since I made the decision to abandon my previous faith, I have seen and learned many new things that have opened up a broader world to me. As I read about people across the world, and the many faiths and worldviews that exist, I find that many things I was once told by Christian leaders are/were far from the truth. People outside of Christianity are in fact full of happiness and, gasp, joy (I still find it silly that Christians claim that only they can experience this “unique” emotion of joy).
Talking about normal things, like making love, as if they truly are normal is not bad and can in fact be a very healthy approach to take. Witchcraft and other such religious beliefs don’t actually worship the Satan of the Bible, because, well… they don’t believe he exists (major oops on the part of so many who taught me that witches were evil people who made sacrifices to the Devil). Eastern religions, such as Taoism and Buddhism, are not full of mumbo-jumbo that is “wise” but useless – much of the teachings are more deep and truly spiritual than the Bible’s teachings. Loving everybody and working towards world peace is not something to be feared because it will usher in the supposed coming of the anti-Christ – it’s the humane, mature and responsible way to live. LGBT people are not “dirty perverts” who choose to defy God by “sinful lust” – LGBT behavior is actually common in animals (google it!), and is determined by body chemistry and not personal choice. Men are not divinely ordained to “have the rule over” women, neither are women silly creatures who should never be in authority or out from under the “guidance” of a man – that’s all part of one of the biggest and most harmful lies to be perpetrated throughout history. 

Humans should be free to be free. We have voices and must be able to speak out. We have appetites that must be sated. When we are hungry, it is our body’s way of telling us it needs fuel. Why, then is humanity’s sexual appetite cause for suppression? All things in moderation works for food, why not lovemaking? Are we so afraid of our own bodies that we must hide things like sexuality? To some of you reading this, the concept of hush-hush sexuality is foreign and antiquated, but to those in the Christian faith, namely fundamental Baptists, you know what I’m talking about. My parents never let me see or hear anything about sex growing up. In fact, “sex” was a dirty word. My Christian school/Sunday school teachers, the pastors at church, and the teachers at the Baptist college I attended all approached the topic of sex as if it were a great evil to be struck down. Sex was only to be partaken of after marriage, because once you said vows in front of a minister, it somehow made it okay to fulfill the urges you were designed to have. I came through all this teaching with the conclusion that love was somehow more pure if it did not include sex. I now know that such a view is very much in error. The physical manifestations of love, the making of love, give a whole new dimension to the love two people have for each other – it is beautiful, not something to be feared. If sex is not engaged in with the end goal of producing offspring, who cares! Bringing pleasure to yourself is not evil. If eating pleases you, wonderful – just don’t become a glutton or you will harm your body; if making love pleases you, great – just do it in a responsible manner so nobody else is harmed. I could keep going on this subject, but will stop here.

I found this anonymous quote to be very accurate: “There is no religion greater than love and there is no weapon greater than the sword of truth.” 

I will now leave you to ponder that statement and come to your own conclusions about what has been said here.

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