It’s A Journey

There are so many things in life that clamor for my attention – worthy things, even – but I only have so much time and energy to spread between them. My life is not to constantly sit in front of the computer composing the “perfect” post on the illogical nature of Christianity. I would have to write a book, essentially, to properly lay out all I wish to say, tag all the Scripture references to accompany the research I have done… but I don’t have time to write a book. I have no desire to write a book, currently – it’s simply not a priority. I have asked questions, been strong enough to think outside the box AND then leave the box because of the answers I found… and I am at peace with where I am and where I am going in life. I have nothing to prove by what I write. My mind is open, and as I learn new things and change, I will write. As I have time and inspiration, I will continue to go through the layers of Christianity (and religion in general) and point out the fallacies that I see. Outside input is always appreciated. The free exchange of all ideas (conflicting or supporting) was a major goal when we formed this blog. That being said, this isn’t a true forum set up for debates, and we cannot promise or plan to attend to every question or statement made in comments. I don’t have the time, and neither does Threnody… but also, this is a personal blog – a chronicle of a journey, an exploration into truth which we are sharing… but it’s still ours. We want readers to think, and think deeply, and ask their own questions… and then please search for answers too. Don’t ever be content doing or believing something based solely on what someone or something told you. Why do you believe something is true or false? Why do you believe anything? If ” because God/The Bible says so” is sufficient reason for you to believe something, then I cannot reason with you. Unless you allow yourself to consider that the Bible could be wrong, and all that such a possibility would entail, you cannot claim to be truly open minded, and anything we say here will be worthless to you. That’s your decision, though, because it’s your journey. Speaking of journeys, it’s time for me to get back to mine.


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