I’m Free

I’m not a Christian anymore.
I don’t believe the Bible is inspired, without error, THE guidebook, etc. I don’t believe in so many things that were ingrained in me through church, school, college, and my home. My life has changed. I am free. I can live my life without fear, without willingly being down-trodden in the name of love, and without the guilt of the eternal souls of the world. The knowledge that my God died for me and now holds me responsible for telling the rest of the world will no longer drive me to despair and confusion. I no longer have to see the pain and wrong in the world and try to find ways to explain why God is in control AND good. I no longer have to find a way to convince myself that the conflicting passages of Scripture somehow add up to create a unified, perfect picture. It doesn’t matter what people think about me now. I don’t have to sit and wait for God to tell me what He wants me to do. I am responsible for my life. I can now do my best and know it’s okay. I no longer feel the weight of being unable to attain the perfection demanded by the Bible. I’m free to say that Paul was a sexist, narcissistic, controlling jerk. I’m allowed to think and search for the truth, without having to make it fit the Bible. I see reality. They always told me there was no love, no beauty, no truth, nothing apart from Christ and the Bible. They were wrong. I’ve found all these things in abundance in “the world.” Instead of finding darkness, pain, and emptiness I’ve found light, peace, and joy. Life is more simple, the world is brighter, and hope abounds. No, I will never go back. It is impossible. Some things cannot be unlearned, and once you’ve tasted freedom you don’t voluntarily go back into slavery.
I am not a Christian anymore.
I am free.


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